Try Out: Mindfulness Yoga


There are different forms of meditation. I have tried to empty my mind (not successful), focused on candle flames (painful to the eyes) and visualized long winding roads to gardens of enlightenment (…). But the one type of meditation that stuck with me these last few years (even though not practised enough), is mindfulness meditation. I like how this form of mediation focuses on the situation as it is right now. It helps me accept how things are and not dwell on the past or only focus on some future (that may — or may not — ever come).

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


So when I read a studio nearby teaches Mindfulness Yoga, I thought this would definitely be something to try. I mean, I love yoga, I love mindfulness, so I’ll probably like Mindfulness Yoga, right?

Unfortunately this is what happened. We started with a few simple asanas to warm up. Then ‘felt’ what these did to our body. Next Sun Salutation A. Then ‘feeling’ what the effect of it on our body. Every freakin’ time I felt like getting in the flow of the movements, I had to focus on the effect of the movement to my body. And I like the flow. I hate being distracted from the flow.

And I did ballet, and gymnastics, which both focus on perfection. And I want to learn how to practise yoga. And then meditate. Afterwards. Not meditate on yoga while doing yoga. And maybe that makes me a bad yogini, but that’s who I am. And I should accept that, don’t I? Isn’t that what yoga and mindfulness is all about?

Conclusion: I like yoga. I like mindfulness. But surprisingly I do not like Mindfulness Yoga.

How about you? Did you ever try this type of yoga? What did you think of it?


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