Foodie Penpals August 2012

The Lean Green Bean

This week I received my very first Foodie Penpals parcel from Julia from Something Missing. The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was a strong fishy smell. Auch! I’m not a big fan of fishy smells, so I tried to figure out what could be the culprit. Most of the things Julia send me where sweet snacks, but as it turned out, she also included something called “smoked dulse”. She wrote:

I thought I would include a couple of Irish things. (…) some smoke dulse which is edible seaweed. I live by the sea and this is quite popular locally! You can just eat it as it is althoug it does have quite an overpowering taste, so I like to add just a little bit to a big salad to add a little kick!

I’m all for trying something new, but this one I couldn’t get in an air tight container fast enough. Later on of course I tried it out and as for the overpowering taste, she was definitely right. But I will probably add it to a salad sometime soon!

Foodie Penpals Parcel August 2012

The rest of the package contained of all sorts of snacks. As I indicated when Julia asked me if I had any allergies or (dis)likes, I’m always on the lookout for healthy stuff to munch on while I’m in the office. Long days require good fuel. And she sure send me some good fuel!

Dried Fruit and Seed Bars No Sugar Added

I particularly liked the home made fruit and seed bars with no added sugar. I just found out that Julia added the recipe in her latest blog post. I’ll definitely will be making these in the near future!

Usually I don’t buy fruity snacks that often, so it was good that she added some dried fruit snack bars for me to try too. And I really liked the fruit, nut & yogurt mix from Nature “with a hint of naughty”. In my book, if you find something with the word “naughty” in the name, you can’t go wrong. I especially loved the yogurt coated dried pineapple bits. Definitely something I will try buy here in Holland (anyone know where I can find those?).

Nature with a hint of naughty

As this was my first Foodie Penpals swap, I was pretty curious at how it would turn out. But I definitely got some nice goodies! My desk drawer is all filled up for the week thanks to Julia!

If you wanna join, please head over to The Lean Green Bean (for US and Canadian residents) or Rock Salt (if you live in the UK or in Europe), where you can sign up as a Foodie Penpal (you don’t need to be a blogger, but it certainly makes things more fun!).