Meet The Yoga Instructor


Yin Teacher Training

Wow, I can’t believe I did it. It has been an intensive, emotional and wonderful journey. And now I can officially call myself a Yoga Instructor. Or, as one of my colleagues so accurately put it this morning, I am certified flexible. I can hardly wait to set up my first class. I’m brainstorming themes, experimenting with designs for my website. When I’m in the shower, just before I go to sleep, and even when I am trying to concentrate on my work at the office, ideas keep popping up in my head.

Keep visiting my blog for updates. And expect to read lots of yoga wisdom the upcoming months!


June Yoga Challenge Final Recap


June Yoga Challenge

Time flies! And I have to make a little confession.

The facts:

I have to be honest with you. I wish I could give you a neat little list with all the different kinds of yoga I have been trying this week. But I haven’t done any yoga since last my last post. I feel slightly embarrassed to admit this, but since I’m letting you in on my life, and I promised you to keep you updated about this month’s challenge, I’m letting you know: I have been lazy.

Some inspiration/information:

My thoughts:

Of course I cannot give you any thoughts on yoga I didn’t do. But since I have been trying out all sorts of classes these last few weeks I can give you some information about the different kinds of yoga I encountered.

First let me tell that before starting this challenge I already went to a few yoga classes:

  • Some kind of regular yoga. This yoga probably had a name, but I cannot remember what it was. It was a long time ago and one thing I do remember is the fact that our teacher was a bit off and I found the class incredibly boring. As you can imagine, this was a one-time class.
  • Ashtanga Yoga (did this on a regular basis at my gym a few years ago): I loved this form of yoga. I like to feel like I’m working out, and ashtanga definitely made my muscles burn!
  • Iyengar Yoga: I did this when I was too tired to do ashtanga. With iyengar we used props like belts, blankets and foam blocks to make sure we performed our asanas correctly.

The last few weeks, even though this week wasn’t very productive, I felt like a girl on a mission. I started with a lot of questions. What will be in it for me? What will be hard? What kind of yoga would be my favorite? And the most important question: will I keep it up after the challenge.

I tried different forms of yoga as well as different studios and different teachers:

  • Hatha Yoga: Not as intense as ashtanga, but at the same time not at all boring. It’s perfect to add to a medium-high workout schedule.
  • Power Yoga: A bit like ashtanga. Great to use as an alternative for my normal workout. But a bit too much if I want to add it to my usual workouts.
  • Mindfulness Yoga: Not for me. I’d rather keep my yoga and my meditation separated.
  • Sivananda Yoga: A form of hatha. We started the session with a lot of ohm-ing, which creeps me out a bit. I guess I’m just not that type of yoga girl. Also the fact that one of my fellow students snored like a trucker during the whole 12-minute meditation session was not something that made me wanna go to that class again soon…

Final summary:

I definitely will be keeping yoga in my schedule. I have thought a lot about it and I think for me it’ll work best if I swap one of my regular workouts with a more intense form of yoga, like ashtanga or power yoga.

Another thing: yoga at home is not my thing. Just as working out at home is not my thing. I like going somewhere and having to stay there and work for a certain amount of time. I also like how at a studio chances are you will be learning a lot more than when you are watching some video on your computer or tv. Sure you can learn from that, but I’d like to be able to ask questions and have an instructor watching and correcting my moves.

And last but not least: I do like to incorporate some meditation. But that’s the one thing I’d rather do at home.

Source: via Chrisonda on Pinterest


How about you? What’s the most annoying / strange / funny thing you experienced during a yoga class?

June Yoga Challenge Recap Week 3


June Yoga Challenge

Happy Friday y’all! And namaste. Time for another recap.

The facts:

  • 60-min barre3 session at home on Saturday (technically not a yoga class, but it does incorporate some yoga moves)
  • 75-min Mindfulness Yoga class on Monday (including 23 minutes of meditation)
  • 75-min Sivananda Yoga class on Friday (including 12 minutes of meditation)

Some inspiration:

My thoughts:

This week I managed to get a little more yoga in. I’m starting to find more balance between yoga and regular workouts. Before I started this challenge I felt a little bit stressed out. Thinking: I’m trying so hard to keep up this exercise schedule. I must be mad to wanna add something new to that. And in the first two weeks I really had to push myself to practice yoga three times a week. It felt like just another chore. But then I started to feel the difference: I’m more relaxed, especially the first few hours after a class. I haven’t felt RSI symptoms last two week, even though I have a few lingering deadlines at work, which normally result in a nagging pain in my neck, shoulder or wrist. AND I’m slowly learning to not strive for perfection, as I usually do, but listen to my body and stop or opt for an easier pose when certain asanas are too difficult for me. Yes peeps, it’s hard to believe, but I’m starting to accept my imperfections. Who would’ve known?

For those of you who are participating in this challenge (or have started a regular yoga schedule somewhere in the past): what changes did you notice after you started practicing yoga and/or meditation?

Try Out: Mindfulness Yoga


There are different forms of meditation. I have tried to empty my mind (not successful), focused on candle flames (painful to the eyes) and visualized long winding roads to gardens of enlightenment (…). But the one type of meditation that stuck with me these last few years (even though not practised enough), is mindfulness meditation. I like how this form of mediation focuses on the situation as it is right now. It helps me accept how things are and not dwell on the past or only focus on some future (that may — or may not — ever come).

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


So when I read a studio nearby teaches Mindfulness Yoga, I thought this would definitely be something to try. I mean, I love yoga, I love mindfulness, so I’ll probably like Mindfulness Yoga, right?

Unfortunately this is what happened. We started with a few simple asanas to warm up. Then ‘felt’ what these did to our body. Next Sun Salutation A. Then ‘feeling’ what the effect of it on our body. Every freakin’ time I felt like getting in the flow of the movements, I had to focus on the effect of the movement to my body. And I like the flow. I hate being distracted from the flow.

And I did ballet, and gymnastics, which both focus on perfection. And I want to learn how to practise yoga. And then meditate. Afterwards. Not meditate on yoga while doing yoga. And maybe that makes me a bad yogini, but that’s who I am. And I should accept that, don’t I? Isn’t that what yoga and mindfulness is all about?

Conclusion: I like yoga. I like mindfulness. But surprisingly I do not like Mindfulness Yoga.

How about you? Did you ever try this type of yoga? What did you think of it?

The June Yoga Challenge


June Yoga ChallengeToday I stumbled upon Courtney’s blogpost and read about her official June Yoga Challenge. Since I really need a challenge I thought I’d give it a try. The basic rule: in addition to my usual workouts I will be doing three sessions of yoga a week.

I love yoga, but I’m so focused on getting a good workout, that I never get to the yoga part. But this month I have no more excuses. I’ve already planned to start tomorrow morning with a simple Sun Salutation (and some more). Next week I’ll give you an update about how my first week went.